Ethiopia Bench Maji BIO

Ethiopia Bench Maji BIO

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Although it was first cultivated in Yemen, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The varieties of Arabica that

have deloped here in the wild, and still grow today, are so numerous they defy categorisation. As a result they are collectively referred to as heirloom varities.

Ethiopian coffee production is divided into four types: forest, semi-forest, garden, and plantation. The Bench Maji zone falls into the Forest coffee category. Self-sown, shaded by natural forest trees, these coffees offer great diversity, and are well adapted to their environment, yielding exceptional aromas and flavors.

The forests around the Gizmeret Cooperative in Sheko District are home to many wild animal and bird

species. The workers do not enter it for any management puroses, only during the harvest season.

Only 10% of Ethiopian coffee is forest grown, so sipping a cup of specialty coffee from the Bench Maji zone is a rare treat indeed.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Bench Maji

Varietals: Heirloom

Altitude: 1300-2200m

Processing: Washed

Harvest: November-May

Cup Characteristics: earthy, spicy, flowery aroma, berry notes

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