Tips for Making the Perfect Espresso


Espresso is obtained through an intense and concentrated brewing method. With the help of pressure and hot water, we extract the components of coffee.

What we need

- Espresso machine
- Espresso grinder
- Scale 
- Tamper
- Timer
- Freshly roasted beans

Important to know

In: Weight of the dry ground coffee
Out: Weight of the outcome as espresso. Also called the "yield".
Time: extraction time
Brew ratio: Out / In




The recipe varies based on the coffee origin, variety, processing method, roasting profile and freshness. Freshness is the most important prerequisite. The espresso machine and water quality are also important parameters. Each machine is different.

Your ground coffee should fit well into your basket- please take note of how much that is. We brew at CaC with a brew ratio of 2.5. (Brew ratio = Out/in) For instance, if you brew 20 g. of ground coffee, you should get approximately 50 g. of espresso. If needed you should adjust the extraction time by tuning the grind size, make it coarser to shorten the time or finer to lengthen the time. 


  1. The portafilter should always be at the same temperature for each extraction. Differing temperatures will impact the outcome. The basket should always be dry and clean. The residues of previous coffees have a poor effect on taste.

  2. Put the required amount of evenly ground coffee in the basket. With the help of the tamper, press down the evenly distributed bed of coffee.

  3. Insert the portafilter into the espresso machine. If your espresso machine cannot dose the amount of water, you can use a scale during brewing to stop the shot at the right moment based on your brew ratio.

  4. Enjoy or serve your cup immediately.

  5. Keep your portafilter and brew head always clean.

It is important to ensure the right extraction. It should neither be under nor over extracted. Under-extraction results in sour and watery, over-extraction results in an excessively bitter and intense cup of coffee.

Coffee prepared with different beans and roasting profiles will have different characteristics. In any case, the taste should be clean, sweet and in harmony.

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