Peru Yanesha, Organic

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Country: Peru
Region: Villa Rica
Varietals: Geisha, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Catimor
Altitude: 1800 masl
Processing: Fully washed

Tasting Notes: Full bodied, rustic, hints of honey and tobacco, woody, dried fruits

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The Yanesha are small indigenous group that lives in the Amazon rainforest of central Peru. Originally living on subsistence farming and hunting, they have in recent times diversified their agriculture, including the growing of coffee for export.

“One of the ways we use to make our coffee more organic is by producing it in the shade. There are several benefits of shade grown coffee. The most important is the increased biodiversity. Different trees bring different animal species such as birds who hunt harmful insects so we do not have to use pesticides. Birds have the ability to move quickly to areas with their favorite food, so they are a really useful to prevent plagues. Besides birds, bees are an important benefit of a coffee forest. The attraction of bees means more pollination. Biodiversity also helps to protect the fertility of our soils and the ‘bio-waste’ can be used in fertilizers. Finally, by combining coffee production with fruits and vegetables, the land is more useful for us locals.”