El Salvador, Finca Las Nubes, Organic

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El Salvador, Finca Las Nubes has a floral aroma with hints of chestnuts and vanilla. It is sweet and has a mild body.  It is best for making coffee with an espresso machine and with a moka cup. Available as whole beans or pre ground.

El Salvador, Finca Las Nubes is organic and AT-BIO-402 certified.


Country: El Salvador
Region: Cantón Los Arenales, Sonsonate
Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Pacamara
Altitude: 1675 masl
Processing: Fully washed
Tasting Notes: Sweet, mild body, hint of chestnuts and vanilla, floral aroma

Best for:

Finca Las Nubes is located high in the mountainous region on Guatemala’s eastern border – almost edging on Honduras. The area is populated with pine and cypress trees and is a natural haven for many species of wild birds. The farm is remote - some 236 kms from Guatemala City and around a 10 hour drive round-trip.

Las Nubes means “The Clouds”, and it's called this because of the farms position in the mountainous terrain which is often draped in clouds. When Fabio gave up his job as a lorry driver and bought the finca in the 1980s, there were no roads up to his land, no house and no coffee trees. It uurs to walk up to the farm and three hours back. Grased to take the couple four hodually, they built up the finca, first selling semi-processed coffee on the local market.



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