About Caffè a Casa

Our Coffee

We have been offering high-quality, handcrafted specialty coffees since 2011 in Vienna. We offer coffees from single farms, estates, cooperatives and small regions from different countries and continents to highlight the diversity inherent in coffee. This approach enables us to accompany our customers by exploring  the varied world of coffee and making finding their own taste a personal experience.

We roast our coffee in our roastery in Klosterneuburg using the traditional drum-roasting process. In order to preserve the uniqueness of the beans, we create specific roasting profiles and offer our coffees as „single origin“ and as blends.


Our Offering

Whether for private or commercial use - we sell our high-quality, mostly bio-certified specialty coffees at our locations as well as in the online shop. For large customers, we have a repertoire of house blends.

You will Never Run Out of Fresh Coffee

Through our dynamic online-shop, Caffè a Casa offers customers Europe-wide the possibility to order their coffee around the clock. Shipping to your home based on your replenishment cycles ensures that you will never run out of coffee while preserving the freshness. Just choose your favorite bean from the online-shop or subscribe to "Roaster's Pick" and start receiving your coffee regularly.