Guetamala, SHB EP

Guetamala, SHB EP

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Country: Guatemala

Region: Atitlán

Varietals: Bourbon

Altitude: 1200- 1400 masl

Processing: washed

Harvest: October-march/april

Cup Characteristics: vanilla, tropical fruits, chocolate notes, mild body, floral aftertaste, hints of citrus

Located between the Gulf of Honduras, the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre mountains, Guatemala has more than 300 different micro climates. The mountain ranges, plateaus with their volcanic soils and rivers create perfect conditions for coffee diversity. Finca de Ceylan farm conscientiously maintains the river basins and the natural vegetation that grows nearby. The farm has various water sources which are protected. Hunting and fishing is prohibited to conserve the natural flora and fauna. The farm also has 75 hectares of forest for preservation. The coffee residues from the wet mill are used as an organic fertilizer creating a self-sufficient system. The water used in the wet mill process is filtered through oxidation tanks and recycled to avoid contamination of the river basins. Four families live on the farm. Thirteen families are permanently employed. Seventy to 100 families are involved in the coffee cultivation (coffee pruning, coffee planting, weed control). During harvest time, 300 to 350 families are employed. Children go to the village schools (about 500 meters from the farm) and the farm pays their tuition fees.